Best Historical Landmarks In Or Near Corona CA

//Best Historical Landmarks In Or Near Corona CA

Best Historical Landmarks In Or Near Corona CA


Although many people that travel into Southern California are doing so to enjoy the beaches or Disneyland, there are others that would like to learn more about certain destinations. If you will be traveling into Corona, a city that is just outside of Anaheim, you can find many historical landmarks that you will want to visit. As with most destinations in Southern California, there is a rich history which predates the occupation of American settlers. Even if you are looking for recent historical landmarks, there are many that you will be able to visit while you are in Corona.

Jensen-Alvarado Historic Ranch & Museum

Before the urbanization of the Southern California area, it was a place where people grew crops and also raised cattle. There is a historic Park called the Jensen-Alvarado Historic Ranch & Museum that you may want to visit. On their website, you can plan your visit to do certain things which will include looking at the museum in nature centers. There are also trails that you can go on, and once you are there, you can learn about this destination that was created back in the 1870s.

Prado Dam

This is a unique dam that was built back in the 1940s. Unlike Hoover dam which is made of steel and concrete, this one is an earth fill dam. It is one that goes across the Santa Ana River, and is responsible for the Prado reservoir which is used for flood control. In recent history, this dam which is about 160 feet high was potentially going to collapse. However, it has maintained its integrity, and has subsequently been reinforced, and is part of the underground recharge and water storage operations just outside of Corona.

Helena Modjeska Historic House And Gardens

Located very close to Corona is the Helena Modjeska Historic House and Gardens. It is a destination that was created by an actress back in the late 1800s. There are guided tours that you can go on, and this destination, which is also called Arden, or the Modjeska House, is a location that will tell you about the life of Helena Modjeska.


Pierce Brothers-Crestlawn Mortuary And Memorial Park

This Memorial Park is one of the more beautiful areas close to Corona. It is very peaceful, a location that was certainly designed to exemplify how beautiful this desert like area is. It is open for tours on a regular basis, a place that was first established back in the 1950s. Hours of operation are seven days a week from 8 AM to 6 PM. It also has a fantastic view, and you will also get to learn about the origins of this historic landmark while you are enjoying the incredible landscapes that surrounds you. Although it is a place where you can bury loved ones, it is also a tourist attraction of sorts. While you are there, you can talk to those that work at this facility to learn more about this serene and beautiful location.

Whether you decide to visit the dam, historic house, or the ranch, each one of them will contribute to your understanding of this region of Southern California. Corona has so much to offer. This area which has become so modernized did have its humble beginnings, and you can learn about its origins by going on these tours. As mentioned before, people primarily travel to Southern California to experience all of the modern amenities. However, if you have the time to visit these historical landmarks in Corona CA, you will have a better appreciation for how far we have come, and will have a better understanding of the origins of this area.

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