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Corona CA Schools


There are many excellent schools in Corona, California including Temescal Valley Elementary with 930 students, Lincoln Alternative Elementary with 908 students, Susan B. Anthony Elementary with 944 students, Clara Barton Elementary with 956 students, Benjamin Franklin Elementary with 819 students, Eastvale Elementary with 1324 students, Dr. Bernice Jameson Todd Academy with 850 students, Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary with 886 students.

Also there is Eleanor Roosevelt High with 4079 students, Ronald Reagan Elementary with 1219 students, Santiago High with 3580 students, Centennial High with 3339 students, Harada Elementary with 1265 students, Corona Ranch Elementary with 1061 students, El Cerrito Middle 1309 students, Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate with 1186 students, Rosa Parks Elementary with 1677 students, Corona High with 2764 students, Woodrow Wilson Elementary with 924 students, and Promenade Elementary with 662 students.

However, what is it that makes one school good and another not so good? This article will provide a few important things to consider before sending your children off to any school. After all, your child’s education is one of the most important things in their life. As parents, it is important to choose the right school for your child’s education.

It is true, test scores are important but you rarely hear about the factors that will make one school better over another. It is important to note that not one factor tells the complete story. It is also true that while test scores are important they are not the only thing that makes a school successful. Consider the following points to help you decide what makes a good school.


A good school has a warm and inviting climate. Students will feel secure and welcome knowing that all staff members are concerned about their educational welfare. Yes, there will be some pressure to perform but it will come in a way that promotes learning. Students will realize that the expectations are for them to excel and they will be provided with the proper support so as to make it happen.


Parents will say that only the best is good enough for their children. Obviously, quality will be expected by all parents and nothing less will be acceptable. Good schools should have to have a passion for excellence and the ability to drive the students to higher levels. The better schools will have a staff that is involved and works well together. A good staff will push themselves so that the students will be the best. Failure will not be an option for either the students or the teachers.

Dedicated Teachers

The better schools also will have teachers that are constantly trying to improve their teaching abilities. They will love to teach and they will explore various techniques that have been proven successful by others. Teachers like this are on a never ending adventure to better themselves and their skill. An effective teacher is someone who is extremely knowledgeable in a subject area. An effective teacher will have a complete and detailed understanding of the subject being taught.

Effective Discipline

In the better schools discipline will not be an issue. Students will respect each other and they will also respect the teachers. Disrespect will not be tolerated. All students will understand class and school rules and expectations and they will do their best to adhere to them. If discipline is necessary, it will not be cruel but simply a consequence of what a student does not do when required.

Instructional Techniques

It is obvious that no two students or classes are identical. The better schools will have qualified teachers who understand this. This will allow them to teach each student according to their requirements and needs so that they can be successful. All key concepts will be presented in effective auditory and visual ways. The student will be actively involved in all aspects of learning so that they can have a variety of opportunities to understand all key concepts.


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