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Whether you are seeking to install a new heating system or need to repair your home's air conditioner, you can rely on OMNI HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING for Quality Workmanship. Our team provides consistent, reputable work without cutting any corners. Fully Stocked to handle any Repair. We offer free estimates on replacement to determine the best option for your needs.

Omni Heating and Air Offers Free Estimates On New Equiptment

We Always Offer Free Estimates On New Equiptment

Omni Heating and Air is a Veteran Owned Company

We Are Veteran Owned

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BBB Accredited Business

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Omni Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are trained to repair all major heating and air conditioning systems. Whether you have separate units or a central heating and cooling system, we can assess the situation and provide the needed repairs at affordable prices.

As soon as you realize that your system isn't functioning correctly, you should give our office a call. Whether you have noticed that the air isn't as warm or cold as it should be, or the unit fails to turn on altogether, our highly-skilled team members will be glad to help you, even in a late-night emergency situation.

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We offer HVAC service and installation across Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

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Reasons To Get Heater Installation From Omni Heating And Air

No matter whether you are looking to get a brand new heater installation completed or you are looking for other HVAC servicing, you should be considering Omni Heating And Air for your needs. Choosing a company like us will give you the peace of mind that you need to ensure that you are getting fair service. In this article, we will be going over some of the reasons why we feel we are best suited to offering you heater installation services.

Reasons To Choose Omni Heating And Air:

1. We Offer Free Estimates.

We always offer free estimates on new equipment. This means that you will be able to have the pricing information in front of you when you are making your decision. We know how important transparency is to clients which is why we deliver full transparency when we are servicing our clients.

2. We Have The Experience.

When choosing an HVAC installer, you want to be certain that you are choosing a company that has a lot of experience in the field. Choosing a company with a lot of experience is key when you are looking for any type of HVAC installation because you want it done by professionals. Getting the installation completed by someone that knows what they are doing is going to be the best way to ensure that it is done properly.

3. We Offer Routine Maintenance.

Another reason to consider us for your installation would be the fact that we offer routine maintenance that can keep your heater functioning optimally. You want to ensure that you are getting routine maintenance with your heater to keep it functioning properly. We offer everything that you would need from installation to the maintenance of your system.

4. We Offer Affordable Pricing.

We offer affordable pricing that is competitive with the marketplace. With us, you are going to know exactly what you are paying for the installation and exactly what you are being charged for. We don’t keep our clients guessing as to what each charge is for with our promise for complete pricing transparency.

5. We Have An Excellent Reputation.

We value our reputation within the marketplace. For this reason, we strive to offer our clients complete servicing to ensure absolute satisfaction. We have built our business off of referrals and maintaining an outstanding reputation among the marketplace.

When you choose us for your heater installation, you are getting experienced and trained technicians to ensure a seamless install. Call us today to schedule your installation.

Heater Installation Company in Riverside California

Why Our HVAC Services Are Fantastic For You.

Do you need a trustworthy HVAC contractor in Riverside and San Bernardino in California? Look no further since we got all it takes to provide a wide array of services which will pretty much take care of your requirements. Must you put in a new heating system at home? Can be your current system old and you want to upgrade it to a better one? Have you been facing issues with your present system and must have it checked by way of a technician? Regardless of the sort of service you will need, it is essential to obtain it coming from a trusted contractor. This is good reasons to get in touch with us for your personal HVAC needs






Your HVAC technique is costly, and also you probably spent a large amount of money to have it installed. Usually do not let this sort of substantial investment be wasted by entrusting amateurs to handle issues surrounding it. We have been in the HVAC field since 2005, and our technicians have experienced everything. They may have the event to identify your body for almost any issues and install it within the best technique to avoid any possible problems with it. They are able to even inform you about the best models to buy and the way to make sure that your current one works optimally.



Wide selection of Services.



Our company is a completely-fledged HVAC contractor and are able to offer every one of the services you require in this field. It can be terrible having to discover a different company for your personal installation, repairs, and upgrades because this will lead to inconsistencies with all the work, and you may become the one suffering. We provide all these services from surveys, installations, repairs, and maintenance checks, and through contracting us, you won’t must look elsewhere for anything relevant to your HVAC.






Each of the HVAC contractors you will find will show you why these are best for you, but this can be pure marketing. You have to just prove whether these claims are valid or perhaps not. We have a method of ascertaining that our services are legitimate, and that is by the ton of reviews we certainly have received throughout the years from the esteemed customers. Our company is dedicated to the best customer experience, and a lot of people we have dealt with went ahead and posted positive reviews regarding our services.



At Omni Heating and Air conditioning, we strive to give the best to our clients and feel free to contact us for virtually any HVAC needs as we will happily work with you to provide a long-lasting solution near me in Riverside CA.