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Whether you are designing a new HVAC system or fixing up an old one, we have what you need to enjoy comfortable, clean air in your home or office. You can be confident that the technicians we send to your property are exceptional in both manner and skill, and have passed our rigorous background checks. In addition, all of our team members participate in continuing education to ensure that their skills are fresh.

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Furnace Repair Service

If you have a furnace, then you need to work with a furnace repair service if you have trouble with it. Even if you don’t have a problem with it, getting it looked at by a professional is wise. That way, you can catch any problems that may be there before they get worse.

If your furnace is not keeping your home warm in the winter and is costing you a lot to run, then it’s time to think about replacing it. Of course, you should try to get a repair done first to see if that takes care of the issue for you. Either way, you want to know that your heating system is working properly so you have to have it looked at when it’s having issues. If you don’t, then the problems with it could get bad enough to where you have to replace the system altogether.

Furnaces should be replaced if they are costing you a lot to run. You want to look at your electrical bills to see if they have been going up over time even if the price of electricity hasn’t went up in your area. If you notice that the price has been steadily climbing, it may be due to your heating system having to work harder to keep your home at the right temperature. It’s smarter to get a replacement furnace if you’re paying too much in electrical costs because it will pay for itself as time goes on.

We are commitment to providing you with the best service and repair on your heating system.

You’re going to want to look at what different furnaces are like if you’re going to buy a new one. You can generally learn a little about your options if you ask a professional that installs them for a living. You can, for instance, contact an HVAC contractor to ask them which system they think is a good deal and worth getting installed. They may need to come look at your home to get a better idea of what will work, but it’s worth it to get their opinion. They will be able to help you track down a system that they can install that works perfectly for you.

There are a lot of problems that come from trying to repair your furnace on your own. You really need to hire a professional instead of trying to deal with the system without any kind of assistance. You could, for instance, make the problem a lot worse and in the end that means you’re going to have to pay more money to get it replaced or worked on. If you hire a professional in the first place, then you don’t have to worry about the work being done wrong because they will have the right kind of training to help you.

We Also Service

  • Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • System Tune-Ups
  • Emergency Heating Services

We Work On Wall Furnaces

We service and install wall furnaces.

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Why Hire Omni Heating & Air?

At Omni Heating & Air Conditioning, we strive to ensure that our customers are comfortable throughout the year. Our highly trained staff handles installation, repairs and maintenance calls. Whether you need a brand new unit or simply want to be sure that your unit is ready for the changing seasons, you can contact us to find out more.

For more than a dozen years we have been serving residential and commercial customers throughout Corona, Riverside County and San Bernardino County, California. Whether or not we have installed a unit, we are happy to provide all of the maintenance and repair services that our clients need. Many of the customers we have served make us their "go-to" air conditioning contractor.

Our goal is to provide the best service possible, not just to make the most money we can from our customers. We always present the best options for the customer, even if that means performing an inexpensive repair rather than installing a brand new unit. You can rest assured that you will never face a hard sale from any of our staff.

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Omni Heating and Air Offers Free Estimates On New Equiptment

We Always Offer Free Estimates On New Equiptment

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We Are Veteran Owned

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BBB Accredited Business

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